Cognitive systems

This subject is conceived as the introduction to the cognitive psychology for the students of technical schools. The mind is considered as the information processing system in this approach so the students should find some similarities with the computational and mathematical theories. The lectures are divided to the several sections copying the way of informational processing in the human brain. There are lectures focused attention, perception, reasoning, mental imagery, knowledge representation and language acquisition. In the practical lessons student undergo experiments that demonstrates theories from the lectures. It is an introduction to the cognitive psychology for the computer science students. It is suitable for the students interested in the artificial intelligence and cognitive modeling.

Introduction to Cognitive Science

An introduction to the science of the mind from the perspective of cognitive psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, and artificial intelligence. The course introduces students to the scientific investigation of such questions as the following: What does it mean to think or to have consciousness? Can a computer have a mind? What does it mean to have a concept? What is language? What kinds of explanations are necessary to explain cognition?

Course details:

2005-2010 - Introduction to Cognitive Science

2008-present - Cognitive Systems

2009-2010 - Cognitive Psychology - Metacognition

Courses in preparation:

Cognitive modeling and neurocomputing


Experimental Psychology


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