This page offers various diploma and bachelor theses and semestral projects.

Illustrative figure – BSPM processing

You are welcome to come with your own ideas and propositions.

Illustrative figure – Emotional processing

The projects and theses can be created in Czech or English language. More information together with relevant instructions can be found on the pages of dept. of Cybernetics here.

If you are not sure, do not hesistate to contact any member of our research group.  Contacts. You can also watch videos presenting our work. Go to the Demo&Video section.

The theses are grouped by theme. Only diploma and bachelor theses are displayed. However, the division is actually based on the name of the supervisor. Therefore the proposed themes do not strictly follow the following groups. You can view the themes in the following categories:

The full list of projects and theses can be found on the pages of dept. of Cybernetics here

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