Long-Term EEG

In this project, a set of theoretically well developed methods and algorithms for automated processing and evaluation of long-term EEG records is being designed and developed. Developed methods will be implemented. Implemented system will allow automated detection and classification of specific graphoelements (parts of signals with characteristic shape and defined diagnostic value) in long-term EEG records. A database of interpreted EEG segments has been designed and implemented, and it is being enlarged with measured data.

The project is to support especially interconnection of basic research in the area of artificial intelligence with application of developed methods to medicine. Real world task provides platform for verification of functionality of proposed methods as well. The project results will be directly applicable at the Neurology department of the co-holder as well as at similar departments in other hospitals. Further the developed methods will be applicable to processing of similar type of data from other areas (e.g. technical).


Fig. 1. EEG data analysis in EEGLab


The partner on this project is Department of Neurology, Faculty Hospital Na Bulovce in Prague.


Intelligent methods for evaluation of long-term EEG recordings (2005–2009), research grant No. 1ET101210512 of the program Information Society (thematic program II of the National Research Program TP2).