About BioDat Research Group

The research mission of Biomedical Data and Signal Processing Group is to carry out advanced research in the field of medical data processing.

Research Statement

The main strength of the BioDat Group is in combination of classical signal processing methods, advanced artificial intelligence methods and general comprehension of the needs of the every-day clinical needs. We aim at both advancing the theoretical foundations of the field and design and development of biomedical applications. The key research topics include:

  • Filtration and segmentation of non-stationary biomedical signals, e.g. EEG
  • Signal analysis in time and frequency domains
  • Design and development of methods for ECG processing
  • Visualization tools for biomedical data processing
  • Methods for feature extraction from the signals and large data volumes
  • Data mining and machine learning methods applicable to biomedical domain
  • Advanced nature-inspired optimization algorithms
  • Decision support systems for medicine

Core competencies

Core competencies of the BioDat Research Group include:

  • Applied research in biomedical informatics
  • Fundamental research in intelligent methods for biomedical signal processing
  • Application of optimization methods in data mining
  • Development and maintenance of EEGLab and PSGLab and CTG Anotator software tools.


Research and technology development is funded in parts by the Czech Technical University in Prague, Government of the Czech Republic and European Commission. In addition to our research activities, we teach several specialized courses for students of CTU and Charles University in Prague. We are also involved in teaching postgraduate courses for biomedical engineers.

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